Sony is expected to announce something PlayStation-related on the 20th of February, and while we think that it might be related to mobile devices since the date is pretty close to MWC, the WSJ has seemingly confirmed that the 20th of February is when the PlayStation 4 will be announced. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but in the meantime we’re sure that many of you guys are curious as to how the console might look like. There hasn’t really been much to go on lately on the design front, but designer Gavin Ringquist has come up with some concept renderings of what it might look like.

According to his imaginings, the PS4 will be more rectangular-ish than the PS3 which featured a curved top. Actually to be honest his rendering reminds us of the PS2, but with the edges slightly curved and looking decidedly more modern and glossier. The gamepad has also been reimagined with the Start and Select buttons looking like capacitive touch buttons rather than physical ones. It’s very minimalist and understated which is actually a good thing since it will be easier to blend on a shelf, but what do you guys make of his concept? Yay or nay?

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