Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal last week was an over two-hour show, which means there was a lot for gamers to take in. New games, services and features were announced within that time, but one part of the show we think was probably looked over was the PlayStation 4’s new interface. Thankfully, Sony just published some new images that properly highlight the new interface.

Gone will be the PlayStation 3’s XMB, instead, the PlayStation 4 will feature an interface that offers a similar feel to Microsoft’s dashboard, although there’s much more emphasis on the PS4’s social aspects. The new UI is also shown on the iPhone and iPad, which we think translates to those platforms very well as they look nearly identical to what you get on your PlayStation 4.

With the release of the PlayStation 4 expected this holiday season, we’re sure Sony could tweak its UI a bit until then based on internal testing as well as public response. As of now, we can’t think of any immediate improvements that would be needed for the PS4’s new UI, but we’re sure you can think of a few.

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