Now here is a pair of performance shoes that some folks might even think of it to be “living”, the Puma Mobium Elite which are capable of expanding and contracting with every step of your foot. This kind of technology has been dubbed ‘Adaptive Running’ by Puma, and the shoes can move and change, depending on how you run so that your feet will always be on the receiving end of the best support at all times.

Taking two years to design and develop, the Puma Mobium Elite is definitely modern day, innovative footwear which adapts to the body in motion, helping to encourage a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike. There will be a “Mobium Band” which runs through the outsole in a figure eight, where it works to enhance the foot’s natural spring, functioning like tendons in the foot. Nature has proven to be an excellent teacher, and the “Expansion Pods” located on the outsole were inspired by the paws of a cat, now how bout that? Will the Puma Mobium Elite introduce a paradigm shift in performance running? Only time will tell.

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