When the Raspberry Pi was first announced and subsequently released, it endeared itself to many folks within a short amount of time. No surprise there, considering the kind of flexibility and performance that it shows, without breaking the bank to boot. Well, the good people over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation are certainly not resting on their laurels, as they have recently busied themselves with the launch of Model A in Europe, and even right now, are said to have successfully developed the camera add-on for the Raspberry Pi.

Of course, at this point in time, the camera add-on has been finalized, but it has yet to be ready for prime time action as the Raspberry Pi Foundation claims that there are still some ways to go when it comes to picture quality improvement, and there is still work to be done in making sure the drivers that ship out with it will be fully ready. We do know that the camera PCB (printed circuit board) measures approximately 25mm x 20mm x 9mm, where it carries a 5-megapixel, fixed-focus sensor. The asking price? A wallet friendly $25.

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