The Raspberry Pi Foundation, in partnership with RS Components and Premier Farnell, is announcing the availability of the Model A Raspberry Pi in Europe. Unknown to a few, there are basically two Raspberry Pi models – Model A and Model B. The former is basically a low-cost variant. It has only one USB port instead of two, has 256MB of RAM instead of 512MB, and does not have an Ethernet port. The Raspberry Pi Model A is around ten dollars cheaper at $25 and it consumes nearly a third of the power of the Model B.

So, this is clearly a good mini-computer for projects that require more power. If you’re wondering about its availability in the U.S., the company says that RS Components customers outside Europe can order it soon. “There will be a short delay in processing their order because we’re waiting on some paperwork before the Pis can be shipped,” the company added. The same is true with Premier Farnell customers outside the U.S. It is important to note that Premier Farnell and RS Components are the two component distributors of the Raspberry Pi.

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