One of Capcom’s more interesting new IPs expected to be released this year is Remember Me, which the company announced will be releasing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 4.

When Remember Me was revealed last year, it introduced some fresh ideas as the third-person action adventure game has you playing as Nihlin, who is a spec ops martial arts expert who has the power to manipulate the memories of people. She can change memories, or decide to completely remove it from a person’s mind and each interaction can be manipulated in different ways, resulting in multiple outcomes.

To help celebrate today’s news, Capcom has released a brand-new trailer for Remember Me that highlights Nihlin’s story in the game in a non-spoiler way. The trailer is filled with action, some nice visuals and, of course, a lot of mentions of people’s memories.

We also get to see more of Neo Paris in the trailer, which looks like the ideal place for a tourist to visit in 2084. Seeing how I’ll be 102 years old, I’ll probably hold off on buying any weekend getaways to the city around that time.

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