So we’ve heard reports about Blackberry 10 devices breaking records, and if you were still skeptical, the latest YouGov report on smartphone brand perception might change your mind. According to the report, it has been suggested that interest in Blackberry devices has seen a pretty impressive surge over the last six months, starting from the spring of 2012. The data revealed that interest in Blackberry has risen from 18% to a whopping 43%, while interest in Apple’s iPhone has started to slip from 92% to 85%. Samsung on the other hand has seen an increase from 46% to 53%. This is pretty interesting, especially since Blackberry 10 was only launched last month, so there is a chance that the surge in popularity could be because of that, or it could be the leading up to the launch that has managed to garner interest along the way.

Now we’ve seen plenty of Blackberry devices launched in the past, but apart from loyal Blackberry users, it seems that most smartphone owners either went iOS or Android. However with the launch of Blackberry 10 which is a completely new operating system, perhaps Blackberry will start becoming more competitive. In the meantime if you’re wondering what the hype is all about, perhaps you might be interested in checking out our comprehensive review of Blackberry’s first BB10 device, the Z10.

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