When Apple launched the iPad, they believed that the iPad’s size was the ideal size for tablets. They stuck with their guns for three generations of iPads before giving in and launching the iPad mini, a smaller version of the iPad which some believe was Apple’s way of caving in to the demands of the market. While the current iPad mini isn’t as powerful as its larger sibling, its smaller and slimmer profile and cheaper price tag definitely makes it an attractive buy, to the extent that a report from Digitimes is suggesting that the iPad mini could account for 65% of iPad shipments in H1. According to the report, LG is currently shipping about 3.5 to 4 million iPad mini display panels a month, which could also explain why LG’s drop in the supplying of iPad 4 panels. If the iPad mini is certainly taking off in the way Apple wants, it wouldn’t be surprising if they decided to start concentrating on churning out more stock and reducing the focus on the iPad 4. Do you guys agree with these numbers? Are you starting to see more iPad minis around compared to iPad 4s?

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