Back in the day, Blackberry used to the choice of smartphones by companies around the world. However as iPhones and Android devices started becoming more advantageous, it wasn’t surprising that companies began making the switch. So whose platform is currently on top? Well according to a report from Good Technology, it seems that in Q4 in 2012, a whopping eight out of ten mobile activations belonged to Apple. Three spots were taken by the iPhone 5, with the remaining five spots going to the iPad, the iPhone 4 and older iOS devices. Unsurprisingly Samsung’s Galaxy S3 managed to place in the charts as well, taking sixth place with 6% activations.

Now the good news is that Good Technology’s analysts believe that in 2013, we can expect more diversity, particularly with Blackberry and Windows coming into the picture. This is kind of expected especially since Blackberry 10 is Blackberry’s latest attempt to regain some of their former glory, and hopefully recapture the enterprise market in which they used to dominate. Windows on the other hand stands to be viable as well, considering the integration of Office along with products like the Microsoft Surface/Surface Pro, making them devices worthy of consideration in the enterprise scene.

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