We are about to enter the 2nd anniversary of the catastrophic “Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami” which ravaged northern Japan this coming March 11th. Talk about a triple whammy back then – Japan’s largest recorded earthquake in history, as well as the second largest tsunami and second largest nuclear disaster in the world after Chernobyl, all hitting the Land of the Rising Sun in a matter of 45 minutes. This is why earthquake kits do have their fair share of importance in Japan, and in order to brighten up a potentially depressing situation, the uber cute Rirakkuma Earthquake Kit has a part to play.

“Rirakkuma” is actually a combination of Japanese words for “relax” and “bear”, and remains a popular teddy bear product in Japan that is manufactured by San-X. The earthquake kit version of Rirakkuma will come well stocked with relevant emergency supplies, and if teddy bears are not your cup of tea, there will also be a Hello Kitty earthquake kit as well that targets girls. All the essentials such as a water supply, a jacket for protection against cold, a penlight, radio, whistle, and basic food are part of this earthquake kit.

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