Robot Hornets Are Weapons Of The British Army

Being in the Army certainly grants you your fair share of perks, and for those who are part of the British Army that currently reside in Afghanistan, the latest “toy” at your disposal would be this rather cute and small surveillance drones which will fit right into the palm of your hand. Known as the Black Hornet Nano, this minuscule surveillance drone was designed in Scandinavia at tips the scales at a mere 16 grams, measuring all of 4 inches long.

Apart from being a nuisance as it buzzes about, what else does the Black Hornet Nano do? Well, for starters, this tiny helicopter will come equipped with a small camera which will spy as it flies, sending back images and video footage to a remote terminal. Do not look down on its size, as despite being so small, it can still get up and about in windy conditions. The Black Hornet Nano will number 160 in strength for the British Army to help them out in their surveillance plans when one is engaged in some heavy duty warzone action. It has an approximate air height of 800 meters, where a full charge will allow it to go around for 30 minutes, tops.

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