You know what they say – when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Well, what happens when you want to get a closer look at how a waddle of penguins interact with one another? Dressing up in a penguin suit is a bird brained idea, so a BBC documentary team decided to release 50 spycams into such penguin colonies, where among them include cameras which functioned as eyes for robotic penguins, helping capture some really stunning close-up footage of the awkward looking flightless birds.

I do wonder, however, will some of the penguins actually attempt to mate with these robotic automatons? Nearly a year’s worth of footage capture through 50 different spycams will be used in the documentary, where some of them were disguised as chunks of snow or small boulders, although the most adorable ones would resemble those of robotic penguins. Of course, this leads one to think about how robotic insects (such as a robot bee) could eventually see action to further study the intricacies of a bee colony, no? One thing’s for sure though, such cameras were specially developed to be able to withstand extreme environments and temperatures without breaking down.

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