The Super Bowl came and went, although the game did suffer a minor hiccup in the third quarter when half of the power in the Superdome went out for approximately 34 minutes. That delay meant more time eating unhealthy snacks and watching more commercials, which are two things that are as important as football during the Super Bowl.

Both BlackBerry and Samsung teased their upcoming Super Bowl ads that were scheduled to air sometime during the game, and air they did.

BlackBerry’s ad featured a man using his BlackBerry Z10 to do some amazing things like set himself on fire, grow elephant legs and save himself from being run over by a truck by turning it into a ton of rubber duckies. As impressive as that would be for any smartphone to do, it turns out BlackBerry 10 can’t do that, which then BlackBerry invites you to their website to see what exactly the BlackBerry Z10 can do.

Samsung, on the other hand, went with a star-studded cast for its commercial promoting its Samsung Galaxy devices. Just like in the teaser, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Jon Fevreau team up to discuss the Super Bowl ad, as well as their appreciation of the Samsung Galaxy products. Another star makes their way into the commercial towards the end, which we won’t spoil for you if you didn’t catch it last night during the Super Bowl.

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