Let’s say you somehow produced your own LED ice cubes that could help warn you if you drink one too many Shirley Temples, but you completely ignore it and now you’re pretty much drunk and you have to drive your girlfriend home. You won’t worry about driving drunk if the fruits of a recent research become a product one day.

The research was conducted by Yunfeng Lu, a chemical and bimolecular engineering professor at UCLA, and Cheng Ji, a biochemical and molecular biology professor at USC. The way the research was carried out was by getting a bunch of mice completely hammered, to then inject a combination of enzymes into the mice, which resulted in their blood alcohol level to drop quicker than it normally would.

“We show that nanocomplexes containing alcohol oxidase and catalase could reduce blood alcohol levels in intoxicated mice, offering an alternative antidote and prophylactic for alcohol intoxication.”

In other words, the method they came up with has a way of speeding up the body’s ability to process alcohol.

Hopefully the results of this research turn into a product some day as we know the world could benefit from an anti-drunk pill. Unfortunately, it could be a number of years until we actually see a product come to market that can offer the same affects found in this research.

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