The folks over at the FCC have recently taken a closer and more careful look at Sony’s Personal Content Station that was unveiled at CES earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we are pleased to say that this piece of consumer electronics has gained the approval by the stringent folks over at the FCC, mainly for its use of dual-band WiFi. From what one is able to deduce from the above image, the Sony Personal Content Station will function as a central hub for media.

The Sony Personal Content Station is said to be able to enable users to perform wireless transfers of media to the Personal Content Station itself, or alternatively, to use it to transfer files to the device directly via a USB connection. Not only that, the Sony Personal Content Station will also be ahead of the technological curve by supporting NFC capability, so that users are able to perform quick and impromptu backups of their media simply by tapping the Personal Content Station with their NFC-enabled smartphone. Oh yeah, last but not least, the Sony Personal Content Station comes with an HDMI out port so that you can view your various media content on a HDTV which will surely be a whole lot more enjoyable compared to a tablet or smartphone’s relatively small display.

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