Many believe that the PlayStation 4 will be released this year, although when exactly remains to be seen, but at the same time it is speculated that the announcement at the very least will take place on the 20th of February. The next question on everyone’s minds (we’re assuming!) is that how much will the console cost once it goes on sale? Now the PlayStation 3 was definitely not cheap when it was released, although considering it was a huge step up from the PlayStation 2, we guess we can understand why it was priced so expensive at its early stages.

Now according to a newspaper Asahi Shimbun (translate by Gematsu), word has it that the PlayStation 4 could cost around $427 (after conversion from the Japanese Yen). This is compared to the PS3 which cost around $500 at launch for the 20GB version, but perhaps with technology being more advanced these days, it is possible that manufacturing the PS4 could be cheaper which is why Sony is able to price the device more affordably. Either way it is speculation for now, but hopefully come 20th February there will be more details to share, but in the meantime what do you think about the possible price tag? Fair?

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