If you use Spotify on your computer and you’re thinking of perhaps subscribing to its service on your mobile device but you’re unsure, you might be in luck because according to The Verge, their sources have revealed to them that in the coming days, Spotify is expected to meet with the major labels in the recording industry and not only will they be asking for a substantial price break, but they are also expected to ask for the rights to extend their free pricing tier to mobile devices.

The Verge expects that Spotify will be in a good negotiating position since they claim that music downloads from services such as Apple’s iTunes have slowed, and aren’t doing well enough to make up for the decline in CD purchases. Not to mention if Spotify can land this deal, they will definitely have the competitive advantage, especially since there are rumors that have indicated that Apple could be interested in launching a streaming service of their own, similar to Pandora. According to the report, Spotify has already begun their negotiations with Warner Music and is expected to begin talks with the other major labels, such as Sony and Universal, in the coming weeks.

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