Spotify To Make Its Way Onto Blackberry 10

If you were worried that Blackberry 10 would be void of quality and big-name apps, you might want to rethink that because it looks like Spotify will be making its way onto Blackberry World in the future. This was confirmed by the folks at N4BB who managed to get an exclusive look and demo of the app, although the downside is that they were not allowed to take any photos, so we will have to wait until it has been released to see how it will look like. According to N4BB, the app is completed and now it’s just up to the developers to release it into Blackberry World. No word on when that will be taking place, but N4BB is speculating that major apps such as Skype, Kindle and Spotify could be released once the Blackberry Z10 hits the US market. As it stands T-Mobile and AT&T are expecting the Z10, with T-Mobile expecting a mid-March launch.

Read more about Apps, BlackBerry 10 and Spotify. Source: n4bb

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