When playing games online with other players, friendships can be formed without having to meet the other player face to face. This could come from a mutual respect of each other’s skill, or perhaps either player finds the other equally entertaining. So what do you do when you find a friend you’ve enjoyed playing Starcraft 2 with but find out they cannot afford the upcoming expansion, Heart of the Swarm? According to a post on Reddit, it seems that GaybBaby found themselves $70 richer thanks to a donation to their PayPal account by someone called Richard.

The message sent along with the donation basically said that during a ladder match in which both players played together, GaybBaby stated that he did not have enough buy to buy Heart of the Swarm, and in an act of kindness, Richard thought he’d buy the game for him. Faith in humanity? Restored! Have you experienced similar acts of kindness during your online gameplay?

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