If you’ve ever wanted a pair of jeans that changes color based on your body heat, you’re in luck because the Naked and Famous Denim company has launched a new pair of jeans called the Thermo-Chromic Selvedge Jeans. The jeans basically work the same way like those color changing t-shirts back in day the day and are made using “a thermochromic dyestuff that has a molecule inside, which changes color based on its temperature range. The jeans start blue and become white with heat.” In fact it doesn’t react only to body heat, but the temperature outside as well, so if you’re wearing these pair of jeans in the middle of summer, you can expect it to be white, or it might turn blue during winter. Either way if you’d like to get an idea of how the jeans work, check it out in the video above. Certainly brings a whole new meaning to hot pants, huh? The jeans are available from retailers such as Barneys for a whopping $240.

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