Color-changing clothing were popular briefly in the early 90s and it looks like they’ll be making a comeback fairly soon now that Naked & Famous has announced their thermochromic jeans. The jeans have a specific molecule inside of its dye that allows it to change color depending on how hot or cold you are.

As you’ll see in the promotional video published by Naked & Famous above this post, the jeans change from white to blue as you put them on. You can expand on the color-changing fun by placing your hand or anything else warm to your jeans, changing them back to white in the spot you just touched.

The thermochromic jeans will cost you $240 if you want to have the privilege of being able to change the color of your jeans wherever you go. Or, you could always go for a regular $20 pair of jeans and take them off every so often, which would probably turn heads as much as these jeans would.

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