Titanic 2 Targets 2016 Release Date

The Titanic which sank to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean over a century ago still remains the stuff of legend for some, but with over a hundred years of technological advancement in our inventory, will humans be able to construct a new, “unsinkable” ship? It seems that billionaire and professor Clive Palmer, with his Blue Star Line company, intends to construct the Titanic 2, holding a press conference in New York City early this morning while making that intention know, coupled with the unveiling of new blueprints of the upcoming ship.

The Titanic 2 is said to embark on its maiden voyage in the year 2016 from Southampton, England to New York, where 850 luxuriously appointed cabins will carry a whopping 2,600 passengers, with approximately 900 crew members on board. It is said that the Titanic 2 will be three inches longer compared to the original, and comes with 18 lifeboats to make sure that everyone will be able to hop onto one should the unthinkable happen for the second time. A Blue Line representative said, “It will be the most safe cruise ship in the world when it launches”, and we hope for everyone’s sakes on board that he is correct in saying so.

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