Back when Sony announced the PlayStation 4, some of the features that Sony harped on seemed to focus more on the social aspects of gaming. Granted they did show off some pretty nice graphics and what sort of games gamers could look forward to, but Sony did not really dive into hardware specifics. Instead they chose to focus on features such as streaming games, personalization and social features. So what inspired Sony to focus less on hardware but more on the social aspect? Apparently Ubisoft had a big hand in that, according to Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot in an interview with Kotaku.

Naturally when building a console, Sony had to go around asking some of its high profile developers on some of the features they’d like to see, and Ubisoft’s response to that was that they wanted more social gaming. They wanted Sony to incorporate social features that can be found on PC games to be brought onto the console because they believe that next-gen consoles will focus more on social, rather than pure power. However Guillemot did admit that hardware was just as important, “Actually you need both, because, in our world, the fact that you can be immersed in new worlds with NPCs who can be emotional will help you to get into those worlds and be immersed.”

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