Urbanears continues their pioneering work with what they deem to be a first-of-its-kind issue, the Slussen. The Urbanears Slussen has been described as “the most powerful after-party weapon known to man”, where it merges pocket-sized hardware and free iOS software. Specially designed to hang on your keychain, the Slussen from Urbanears will enable you to bring your brand of eclectic music choice regardless of where you are, all for a mere $15 a pop. Granted, it is not going to bring down the house, but at least those within close proximity to you will know of your musical tastes, and who knows, that cute guy across the train? He might share your choice in music.

The Urbanears Slussen can be hooked up into your iPhone, iPod or other iOS device, where after downloading the Slusen app, you can then connect your headphones and sound system into the adapter using a couple of available 3.5mm jacks. Features include 125 BPM, s Sync button, an equalizer, a scratch function, a crossfader, and a cue feature to help propel you to fresh and impromptu DJ heights.

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