What do you think of the recently released Vertu Ti (as seen above)? Surely, that is a smartphone that divides opinions down the middle, especially when you consider the kind of price tag that it comes with. Well, here is a little bit of insider information on what could have been – with Vertu sharing that they originally wanted to churn out a luxury version of a smartphone that ran on Windows Phone 8, but it seemed as though their will to build one of these were not enough to overcome the complexity of working on a Windows Phone 8 device. Hence, that was when Android came into the picture.

Well, it does boggle the mind really, how can a phone manufacturing company with a fair number of years in terms of experience tucked away actually say that they are unable to overcome the complexities of a Windows Phone 8 device? Perhaps Vertu’s troubles laid with software integration, as the Windows Phone platform does not really enable one to customize its interfaces.

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Vertu Ti
800x480 ?
8 MP
? g
? mAh
? + MicroSD
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