The touchscreen controller of the Nintendo Wii U is admittedly a nice touch by the Japanese company as it adds a new dimension to gameplay. However its use was somewhat limited to the Wii U console itself, and unsurprisingly so, but if you’ve ever wished that the controller could be modified to be used on the PC, you’re in luck as Kotaku reader Chris has managed to get the Wii U touchscreen controller working on the PC, allowing him to play games on his PC using it by remapping the pad necessary for the game’s input.

In the video above you can see him demonstrating this by running an emulation of the Zelda game on the Dolphin emulator, although we have to admit that we’re more curious as to how more modern titles might be able to use it. According to Chris, he is currently working on an update that will add touch-screen support to the controller, and he hopes that future updates will allow him to get the streaming function working, thus allowing you to play your PC games on the touchscreen controller itself. For those interested the necessary files to get your Wii U controller working on your PC, click here for the download (Warning: RAR file).

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