If you are a sucker for statistics and numbers, and if you are a fan who follows everything about the Windows Phone platform, then you will be pleased to hear that according to Adduplex, the number of Windows Phone 8 devices circulating around the US is more than what Windows Phone 7.x has to offer in that part of the world. This is a pleasant turn of events for Microsoft, considering how Windows Phone 8 devices were launched just three months ago worldwide, with the US included.

This particular bit of statistics would reveal the sales volume of the recently introduced Windows Phone 8 devices in comparison to previous generation devices. Even as we speak and you are reading this, the Nokia Lumia 620 is being launched worldwide, and hopefully, in due time, Windows Phone 7.x devices in other markets around the world will be the minority, as Windows Phone 8 is on the ascendant. Are you one who are mulling over whether you should take the plunge and pick up a Windows Phone 8 device in the future?

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