With just two days to go until Sony makes their big announcement at a press event in New York City, we’re almost certain what will be unveiled will be the PlayStation 4, especially when you consider their Evolution of PlayStation video series which was published over the weekend.

We’ve already heard reports of what the PlayStation 4 could include in terms of its hardware and possible refocusing on new playing options, and today, we’re hearing a new report which highlights what kind of additional sharing methods we could expect from the PlayStation 4.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony will expand the PlayStation 4’s social features by allowing users to share unlocked trophies through Facebook and Twitter and upload direct gameplay footage to YouTube.

In addition to those additional social features, Sony also plans to allow the new PlayStation to be played through a combination of physical media and streaming as it may be possible for users to play their console using different hardware, such as smartphones or other portable devices. The PlayStation 3 currently can be played through the PS Vita with select games, so we’re imagining something similar to that would be possible with the PlayStation 4.

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