So, Sony intends to gain first mover advantage with the announcement of their Sony PS4 recently (although the console is still far from finished, and we will not even talk about the Nintendo Wii U since it is not on par in terms of sheer computing power with next generation gaming systems despite being positioned as such), and here we are with word that has already been registered by a division of Rapid Systems known as U.S. Techs. That name does not ring a bell? They are the organizers of Microsoft’s E3 events, and the site remains to be updated, but you can be sure that as the next generation Xbox edges closer to its release date, we ought to seen an announcement come our way, real soon.

Sony has dubbed their event the PlayStation Meeting 2013, so for Microsoft to play ball, calling their meeting the Xbox Event 2013 plays right along into Sony’s hands. What else can we do but exercise this quality known as patience in the mean time? Will it be in line with the rumored April release?

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