How many of you actually spend more time on YouTube on your Android-powered device than on a notebook or desktop computer? Well, with the advent of 4G LTE connectivity, you know that mobile data has become a whole lot faster and more convenient for the masses, which is more than enough to stream YouTube videos on the go without having to be bogged down by the nasty “waiting” icon. Having said that, for folks who actually use YouTube for Android far more frequent than you should, here is some good news – the app has been bumped up to version 4.3.9, and this being a minor update, it will still be able to pack enough punch by introducing a bunch of new features.

First of all would be the integration of Google+ into YouTube, which is not out of place considering the overall direction of Google where their product line is headed. Apart from that, users of YouTube for Android will be most pleased to control TV playback from the notification bar itself, which will do its bit to expand the app’s potential to double up as a leanback controller for the YouTube ecosystem.

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