Just like any other relationship, things tend to always starts off on the right note. Think back to the days when you were young and in love, anything your boyfriend or girlfriend did was met with approval without batting an eyelid, warts and all. Fast forward to the 10th anniversary of your marriage, has all that loving feeling gone out? Perhaps, and the same applies to services. TV used to be commercial free, and soon, if you wanted to be free of ads, you had to pay a premium for certain channels. YouTube’s advantage was being ad-free in the past, now we have that pesky tiny yellow bar that allows a pop-up ad to appear from time to time. It is said that someone discovered some code within the Android YouTube app that could very well pave the way for a paid YouTube channel.

Basically, whenever you fork out dough, you get to view the relevant content. Such rumors of paid channels have been floating around for a while this spring, and the most recent revision concerning code in the Android app has helped pours more oil on the fire. Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but you can be sure that there will be an uproar initially when folks pay to watch YouTube, before they get used to the situation.

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