600 Students To Receive MacBook Air At Illinois High SchoolNow this is definitely a triumph for Apple in the perception stakes over Google as an Illinois high school has purchased 600 new MacBook Airs to complement current notebook coverage among students there, which means there would be 600 less Google Chromebooks purchased if one were to approach the situation from a zero sum game. Of course, the 600 new MacBook Air models will arrive over the course of the next school year, and this decision came about after a committee that comprised of teachers and administrators recommended the MacBook Air as the best option for the high school students’ age group.

Of course, the board has yet to finalize the amount of funding required, it has already submitted its approval to the request, and will definitely sniff around for the money required for this initiative. There is also a new proposal for the high school students which would see them being given the green light to bring home the MacBook Air for continuous access and hopefully productivity, instead of playing Candy Crush on Facebook back home.

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