Now here is a novel idea – connecting your basketball to a smartphone. Sure, how do you do so? Throw the basketball at the smartphone, hoping that the Gorilla Glass 2 screen is able to withstand the impact? No, it does so in a far gentler manner, without any physical contact in fact, thanks to 94fifty who has decided to work alongside Spalding, resulting in a new kind of technology which is said to connect a basketball equipped with half a dozen sensors to communicate to a smartphone via Bluetooth. An app on the smartphone will retrieve information from the basketball, taking in details such as the amount of spin, shot arc, shot speed, dribbling speed, and dribbling strength among others. Once you have all of that data in place, it is time to sit down, analyze it, and make sure that you will make the necessary adjustments on court to improve yourself.

94fifty intends to deliver cost-effective basketball skill analysis technology for the masses, and since we are always highly competitive in nature, the app will also be social network enabled, letting you share your stats with anyone else interested in this technology. Sensors on the basketball itself will be juiced up via wireless Qi charging.

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