Acer does seem as though they too, want in on the phablet game. You know, phablets – those devices that seem to straddle the bulking segment in between a smartphone and a tablet. The Acer Liquid S, as it is called, was mentioned in an advertorial that you can see above.

Right now, Acer lacks a decent quad-core smartphone (or phablet, for that matter), which means only their tablets (that are not exactly selling like hot cakes either, due to the perception of the company by the general public) will run on quad-core processors. Perhaps all of that is set to change, as Acer looks to prime up their Liquid S as their first non-tablet quad-core device. It still remains to be seen what kind of screen size will the Acer Liquid S come in, perhaps it might make the jump to the 6” mark and miss the general 5” to 5.5” market along the way? Only time will tell, and we intend to be here to bring you the latest on the Acer Liquid S when news of it breaks officially.

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