We all know that we should not be using our phones while we drive, and since the explosion of smartphones happened some years back, it has led to an even greater proliferation of such devices, so much so that using phones when we are behind the wheel has become so commonplace, as we check on our email, tweets and Facebook updates without fully concentrating on the road. Being in a traffic crawl is no excuse, either, as it is human lives at stake here in one moment of carelessness. According to the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans use a cellphone and text when driving compared to their counterparts living across the pond.

In a survey that was held, around 33% of US drivers aged 18 to 64 admitted that they had read or sent a text message when driving within the last month, which is more than double the amount of motorists in Spain who admitted that. Portugal, however, is on par with the US. Over 66% of Americans also admitted that they talked on their handsets when driving, which is sky high compared to just one fifth of drivers in Britain.

If you’re reading this on your smartphone while driving, you know what to do!

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