You know what they say, there’s an app for that. Well, artist and designer Theo Watson realized that sometimes, old is gold, which is why he has come up with a spanking new app that will allow a notebook to function – audio-wise, that is, in the same way that an old school typewriter should. Yes sir, this app of his will let your ears hear the hammer blow with each letter typed, although we have moved beyond using Tipp Ex to correct mistakes via the typewriter for a few decades now. Too bad this particular app plays nice with the OS X platform at the moment, without any possibility of a Windows version in sight anytime soon.

I suppose if you were to install such an app, it would most definitely drive the rest of your co-workers nuts with such retro sounds coming out from your notebook. Worse still would be if you were to hook it up to a pair of speakers and crank the volume all the way up, which most probably you yourself would not be able to stand the din for long.

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