We’ve heard rumors that Apple could be interested in launching a streaming radio service of their own, much like Pandora. According to a recent report by Reuters, it looks like such a service could be inching forward to become a reality. The report has suggested that Apple executives have recently met up with the CEO of Beats, Jimmy Iovine, during a visit to Los Angeles. Basically what the Apple executives were trying to find out was about a certain “Project Daisy” by Beats, which is a music subscription service Beats announced a couple of months ago although there is not much details to be had at the moment.

We guess based on this report, it’s not so much that Apple wanted to partner up with Beats to launch said service, but rather to learn more about it so that they’d have a better idea of what to do when the rumored service launches. Apple’s alleged music streaming service is supposedly set for a launch later this year, or so they intended but reports are saying that negotiations with the major labels are preventing Apple from moving forward with their plans.

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