Apple iPad Mini ReviewLove or hate Apple, one has to admit that they offer products that many people desire despite being affixed with rather hefty price tags. However lately it seems that everyone is taking shots at Apple and the general sentiment seems to be that Apple has lost its innovative status. Apple ex-CEO John Sculley seems to think so and speaking to CNBA Asia, Sculley was quoted as saying that, “We’re in a period now where there’s kind of a lull in innovation so I wouldn’t expect to see a creative leap from Apple for maybe a few years, but when it happens, they will do it.”

We guess the term innovation is subjective, although in all fairness the first few iterations of the iPhone could be considered such. However with Android and Windows Phone starting to push out devices with more powerful hardware and larger displays, it almost feel as if Apple has been left behind. Granted not everyone needs a phone that has a whopping 5.5” display, but the market is definitely there. To a certain extent Apple has acknowledged this with the iPhone 5 which saw its display upgraded to 4” from 3.5”. Either way assuming Sculley is right on the money in his analysis, we guess Apple could be in for a few rough years before finding their feet again.

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