When Apple Maps was introduced in iOS 6, and Cupertino decided to drop Google Maps as their navigation software of choice, the whole world was more or less in an uproar, as Apple Maps failed miserably as a navigational tool, despite being touted (and subsequently, had such claims struck off in their advertising) to be the best navigation app around. Apple has since gone back to the drawing board to improve their Maps software, and in the meantime, the launch of the stand-alone Google Maps for iOS more or less brought everything back to an even keel.

Well, in a recent informal test that was conducted by John C. Dvorak, it seems as though the balance of power has shifted in Apple’s favor. What kind of metrics did Dvorak use? He decided to pitch himself against another two drivers, where they used Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze to navigate around the Bay Area with a number of stops thrown into the mix. Of course, this is very much unscientific as you can get due to the sheer number of variables, it is said that the vehicle which used Apple Maps arrived at its destination five minutes before the other two. What do you think?

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