Apple is one company whose designs in recent years have proven to be nothing short of beautiful, and this time around, we have come across a patent that has something to do with a material that one would not normally associate with touch sensitivity. Most of the recent devices from Apple tend to make a whole lot of use of metal, but as we all know, the metal used are not normally conducive to touch, in the literal sense of the word. After all, capacitive touch does not always register on a metal device, what more a response to pressure?

Apple might be on to something new here, after a recently published patent from them which will allow the metal to detect changes made in capacitance between hidden nodes whenever a device’s shell is put under strain. Obviously, when that happens, it will trigger a hardware or software reaction. No idea on just how Apple is going to apply that particular patent down the road with their devices, if ever, but you might end up working those muscles in your hands with a whole lot of squeezing done. I suppose games that take advantage of this squeezing technique would also be creative then.

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