apple-pen-patentApple has recently been issued their pen computer patent, although this time around, the reissued patent would throw in the likes of cellular connectivity in order to help it keep up with the Joneses, while dropping hints of a future mobile device from the house of Cupertino. This patent was originally filed for internationally 15 years ago, where it was described as “a mobile computer encased in a pen”. Titled “Portable computers,” the invention was assigned to British Telecommunications PLC originally, where this multifunction device will feature a pair of accelerometers that allowed it to recognize handwritten input, while there is also an integrated display and an embedded touch strip for a graphical user interface when it came to navigation.

Apple was transferred the U.S. patent rights just half a decade ago, and this time around, the patent carries the reissued designation of RE44,103, which will further broaden the patent language of the original filing. Even if this unique pen computer were to be released, I am quite sure that it will not function as an iPhone replacement, how about you?

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