Considering that Apple named their desktop computer system the iMac and their portable media player the iPod, it isn’t surprising that they decided to name their mobile phone the iPhone. However that wasn’t always the case and according to former Apple marketer, Ken Segall, it seems that at one point in time Apple could have named their phone the “Telepod”, “Tripod”, “Mobi” or even “iPad”. According to Segall, Apple wanted to leverage their iPod brand which at that time was probably one of their best selling products, so the name “Telepod” would basically be “Telephone + iPod”, while the “Tripod” name would be indicative of how the iPhone can surf the web, act as a telephone and play music at the same time.

The name “Mobi” was said to be a fun/creative take on the term “mobile”, and the iPad name was even considered since both iPhone and iPad is said to have shared a similar development process. With the iPhone being the symbol that it is today, it’s hard to imagine it being called anything else, but what do you guys think? Would you have been on board had Apple gone with either of those names mentioned? After all many mocked the iPad name when it was first announced, but it has since gone on to be one of the best-selling tablets of all time.

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