Technology is being woven into different fabrics of life these days, and it is definitely no surprise to see electronics and fashion come together, too. What happens when wearable computing meets the Pilates shirt? This is the premise that design firm Artefact is toying around with, and their new concept piece would involve a Pilates shirt which is capable of monitoring one’s muscle movement, helping to correct your body position and best of all is, it will not be a fashion faux pas, as it is far from resembling you wearing a computer.

Known as Move, this wearable-computing concept is the idea of Artefact designer Jennifer Darmour, and it remains to be seen whether such a shirt will eventually make its way to the mass market or not. Granted, “smart shirts”, as it were, are an extremely niche market, so we do hope to be able to see a paradigm shift in the minds of users who want something more than just your usual exercise gear. Will big time sportswear manufacturers like Nike and Adidas jump aboard the smart clothing bandwagon in a commercial way soon?

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