Back in 2012, a very dedicated Unchartered fan turned all three games into movies by editing the cut scenes and putting them all together. Now the same guy is back except this time, he has decided to turn Assassin’s Creed 2 into a feature length movie instead. For those who enjoy the story aspect of gaming more than the actual gameplay itself, this is for you, although you will have to sit through 3 hours’ worth of footage in order to know everything, which we guess might actually take less time than playing the entire game yourself. Made by Andy Gilleand, we have to say that this piece is just as impressive, if not more so, than his Unchartered movies, so if you have 3 hours to spare, do check it out in the video above. In the meantime we have to wonder if this fan-made movie will be able to hold up to the live action movie that will be arriving in cinemas come 2014.

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