Best Buy Accidentally Promotes Jailbreaking In Deal Of The Day Promo

Best Buy has been selecting a number of products to mark down in price as part of their “Deal of the Day” promotion for several months now, with products ranging throughout all of the different types of merchandise Best Buy carries.

Today’s Best Buy Deal of the Day features a Targus Rotating Case for Apple iPad 2, which features a hard-shell exterior that can provide three viewing positions, rotates and can convert itself into a stand. One thing they probably didn’t mean to advertise in their promotional image for the product was a jailbroken iPad.

The promotional image, which has since received some quick photoshopping, originally had the Cydia application displayed. When you consider how much Apple dislikes jailbreaking their device, and also considering Best Buy is a major retailer for Apple products, you could probably see why that’d be a problem for both companies.

In case you can’t spot the Cydia app in the image above, here’s a larger version for you to look at and wonder why Best Buy didn’t catch it when they were in the process of promoting this particular deal.

Best Buy Accidentally Promotes Jailbreaking In Deal Of The Day Promo

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