Microsoft has a necessity to be a company that is always on the cutting edge of innovation, and they have certainly showed it at the TechFest 2013 event that happened last week. Bing Now, an app that was specially written for Windows Phone devices is currently being hammered out at Microsoft Research. Just what does Bing Now bring to the table? Well, this particular app intends to solve an issue concerning online reviews for locations. It seems that there are moments when the reviews do not come furnished with the latest information, while text reviews are not exactly the most ideal method to offer users a true idea of what the atmosphere of a place would be.

Bing Now’s solution would be to have the user with the app check into a location, in a manner that is not too different from other social networking apps, and the smartphone’s microphone will then capture samples of the sounds happening there. This would then see the Bing Now app make a decision as to whether the location boasted of a “low,” “normal,” or “high” level of sound, now how about that?

I wonder where would the noisiest library in town be when the Bing Now app goes big.

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