It was this past winter when Bungie finally unveiled their first multi-platform game, Destiny, and considering what an excellent job they did with its Halo franchise, you can expect many first-person shooter fans to highly anticipate the game’s release. At this week’s Game Developer’s Conference, Bungie showed off a new video for Destiny highlighting the game’s character development so far.

Considering how tight-lipped Bungie has been in regards to Destiny so far, this character development video is just what gamers need in order to attempt to understand what exactly is going on in the game. In the video, you’ll see a number of classes that will be available to play as in the game, and what we assume to be some of the different species you’ll come across in the game. You’ll see a number of concept art, 3D models and even getting to see some of the models moving about.

Considering E3 is just under three months away, we’re hoping Bungie will finally give us all of the details we’ve been dying to hear about Destiny. We just hope they also have a backup plan in case their always-on requirement doesn’t quite pan out like it did for EA’s SimCity.

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