CasaTunes, a whole-house audio systems manufacturer, has recently announced an entire range of multi-room music servers which will come with integrated compatibility that sees it play nice alongside multi-zone AV receivers from a range of major brand manufacturers, where among them include the likes of Denon, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Marantz and Integra/Onkyo. The servers have been specially configured to make use of apps that are available on iOS and Android platforms, which further extends the capabilities of third-party controllers thanks to the inclusion of an AirPlay wireless speaker and multi-zone AV receiver that offers support for such systems.

The system will center around Apple’s AirPlay protocol which paves the way for wireless audio streaming, and if at any point in time, you want to add extra speakers or receivers from other manufacturers, it is a snap to do, as long as those are AirPlay compatible as well. The systems from CasaTunes will start from $2,000 onwards. Just how much money do you think you are willing to spend for a top end audio system for your home? Surely a bachelor’s pad would have higher end stuff compared to one that has a financial controller whom you’re married to.

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