chargecardIt is always nice to see a Kickstarter (or other crowd-funding project, for that matter) come into fruition, as it shows the faith that the general public has in your particular idea, and you would then, in the very same good faith, make sure that the collected funds are not wasted, but rather, used to the maximum in order to churn out what was promised earlier. This year’s edition of CES saw us fiddle with the ChargeCard, and while that was just an alpha prototype, we are pleased to announce that the ChargeCard is ready to ship out after being shaped up.

The ChargeCard should be the ideal tool for road warriors to carry around, especially since it measures somewhat similar to that of a credit card, despite being obviously thicker. Designed and manufactured in California, the ChargeCard will feature a microUSB port on one end to connect to your new Android-powered smartphone, and a USB cable on the other. Those who own the iPhone 4 should have gotten theirs some time back already, and the iPhone 5 compatible version is still tipped for an April release.

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