When 1 + 1 equals to 3, you know for sure that the wonders of synergy is at work here. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, and so this is how two rival Bay Area companies have more or less become “friends”, or at least are part of a new, albeit uneasy alliance, as they have decided to link their respective networks of public charging stations for electric cars, allowing customers on either side to use both without having to choose. Makes plenty of sense, really.

The two companies in question are ChargePoint and ECOtality, where they have come together to form a joint venture which will see approximately 90% of the country’s public charging stations, amounting to over 15,000 of these, being made available to the masses, just like how a particular bank’s customer can make use of ATMs of another bank, with a small fee, of course. Would this move see an increase in electric vehicle ownership in the US, as the convenience of owning one is increased? I suppose infrastructure does play a role, but there needs to be more effort done in marketing electric vehicles to be a permanent replacement for a fuel-powered ride.

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